The Sound of Music (1965)

Here is a perfect example of a film for the DailyView. The Sound of Music is a film that has been considered a classic for decades and is played all the time on television, and yet, despite knowing plenty about it, it is a film that I had never seen. I never believed The Sound of Music would be a movie that appealed to me. I have heard most of the songs, and I liked them to an extent.

I was surprised how charming I found the film.

Failing in her attempt to become a nun, Maria (Julie Andrews) is sent to become a governess for a wealthy family led by the widowed Captain Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). Captain Von Trapp had seven rambunctious children who were driving governesses away. Maria arrived and immediately saw the overly disciplined children and brought music back into their lives.

Captain Von Trapp, who was with the Baroness (Eleanor Parker), began to be enthralled with the energy and enthusiasm of Maria, started to fall for the governess.

The film is set opposite the Nazi arrival in Austria and the end of the movie brought this story to the forefront. Some of the confrontation with the Nazis was very tense and worrisome. It did make the film feel like two distinct separate movies.

The music is, of course, one of the key parts of this musical. I knew most of the songs and I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were great here and they had a lot of chemistry. The dance they performed earlier in the movie was beautiful and truly stunning. I knew that Plummer was in this movie, but I had not completely placed it because his name shocked me when I saw it.

1978’s Peter Parker from TV, Nicholas Hammond, was also here as one of the Von Trapp children, which was another cool bit of trivia that I did not know .

The film was long and started to feel a bit near the end, and I can see people’s complaints about how it is too cheesy, sweet or sentimental. None of that bothered me as I must have been in the right mood for sentimentality this morning. It is a classic for a reason and I am pleased that I finally took the time to watch it.

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