Young Guns II (1990)

This is the fourth film that had made the header for the DailyView and the final one that I had to absolutely make sure I saw. I have not yet seen the original movie of this series (whether it becomes part of the DailyView is uncertain), but I have heard that the second one was the better film.

I love the Blaze of Glory song by Bon Jovi over the credits.

Other than that…. well, this was okay, at best.

William H. Bonney (Emilio Estevez), aka Billy the Kid, came out of the West when his former gang members “Doc” Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips) were captured and being prepared to be hanged. Billy staged a rescue operation, reuniting the gang from the first film.

However, not everything went as planned. After the rescue, Billy wanted the group to follow a trail to old Mexico as a way out. Pat Garrett (William Petersen) decided he was out. He wanted to start up his own eatery and so the gang left without him.

Billy went to see John S. Chisum (James Coburn) and claimed Chisum owed him $500. When Chisum refused, Billy and the crew killed two of Chisum’s men. This caused Chisum to hire Garrett as a sheriff and to give him $1000 to kill Billy the Kid.

That’s the basic plot.

Billy’s group went somewhere. Garrett would find them and they would shoot at each other. Some people would die.

Some of the crew were really characters that were pretty unimportant. They had Arkansas Dave (Christian Slater) who seemed to want to be the crazy one. Henry French (Alan Ruck) who wanted a nickname. You have the typical young teen who looked up to the outlaw with Tom (Balthazar Getty). None of these characters meant anything to me, which made them disposable.

Oh, and Viggo Mortensen is here too. He is completely underused as Pat Garrett’s side man.

Some of the gunfights are fun, but these characters seem to be superheroes. They are injured several times and never quite get hurt. Some of them took bullets and apparently kept on going.

Of course, the crazy killer Bill the Kid is the main protagonist. He’s the hero of the film, and they go out of the way to try and give him some positive traits. They also make Garrett the antagonist. Neither feel proper.

There are many better Westerns, including better Westerns featuring some of these very own characters. Young Guns II is as disposable as some of the characters and is most remembered for a great theme song.

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