Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (2020)

In honor of the Army of the Dead debuting on Netflix this weekend, I chose another zombie movie for the DailyView. It was a sequel to a movie that was an unexpected favorite of mine, Train to Busan. The sequel was called Peninsula.

I had not watched this film yet because the word of mouth on it was not good. Train to Busan was just a tremendous film, filled with emotions and was grounded in a relationship with a father and his son.

Unfortunately, most of what made Train to Busan special was replaced with giant action pieces and lots of gunfire. The emotional stakes come way too late in the film to really care about. By the time the relationships are squared out, I had already basically checked out.

Four years after the outbreak of the infected, the Korean peninsula is overrun with zombies. Solider Jung Seok (Dong-won Gang) returned to the peninsula with a mission and a team and while there, he finds survivors.

The attempt to circle the story back around to the beginning was clumsy and coincidental. You have to accept a lot to buy into the events of the plot.

The action was typical and did not stand out in a positive way. In fact, there is a car chase that is so obviously CGI that it really detracts from the enjoyment. The zombies were fine, but they’re nothing more or less than any other zombie movie.

Peninsula is too long and feels like it is trying too hard to pack more into the film. Just because there is more in the sequel doesn’t mean that it is an improvement from the original. There was more tension and less manipulation of emotions in the first film. Definitely a step down.

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