The Blob (1958)

I was watching Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin’s Fatman Beyond podcast tonight and Kevin Smith made a reference to the movie, The Blob. He was referring to the 1988 version, but I had made the decision to add this to the DailyView, I wanted to start with the original, 1958 version.

A meteor containing a strange gelatinous blob landed on earth and connected itself to an old man’s hand. Kids Steve (Steve McQueen) and Jane (Aneta Corsaut) found him and took him to the doctor’s office. The creature continued to grow and dissolved the old man. It started attacking other towns people as it grew and grew.

One of the trope in horror is when the kids tell the parents/adults what they have seen and the parents/adults do not believe them. You see that all the time, including here. However, going against that trope was the character of Lt. Dave (Earl Rowe). He listened to what the kids said and he took steps to show that he believed them. I loved this character as he showed all of the best traits a police officer should have. There was another cop in the film that was just the opposite and he is an annoying character.

The Blob was an entertaining film, though to be fair, it was simplistic. The Blob creature was good for the time and there are many moments of fear in the narrative.

One of the drawbacks for me was that Steve and Jane did not look like teenagers to me. They looked to be in the mid to upper twenties at the least. That was distracting. Aneta Corsaut would end up being Helen Crumb in the Andy Griffith Show just a few years later. She played a teacher in that show.

There are some silly things that happen in the movie, but it moves along quickly and the Blob makes its way around the town without much issue.

The movie was a charming B-level monster flick and I will be following this up by watching The Blob from 1988.

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