Creep (2014)

Found footage was a genre that burned itself out after so long, but that did not mean that there were not some really great films during the time period. The Paranormal Activities films, Chronicle and now, Creep, which becomes today’s entry in the DailyView binge.

Aaron (Patrick Brice) is a young videographer, answered an ad for a one day job chronicling the life of a dying man, Josef (Mark Duplass) in his secluded cabin. Josef tells Aaron that he is making the video for his unborn child but it quickly becomes apparent that there is more of a sinister background to the story than he expected.

Creep was gripping. A psychological drama that consistently made you wonder what was happening. Josef was a talented liar and it was never exactly apparent what were the truths and what was the lies. He was so good that Aaron could not help but get sucked in by the stories. It felt as if something terrible was about to happen and that anxiety was throughout this movie.

The film was expertly shot. There are times in these found footage movies that you wonder why the camera is rolling, but this one does a great job of letting the audience understand why the camera was on.

Mark Duplass was exceptional as the unbalanced stalker. You would range from being empathic towards him to feeling the need to run away screaming. From the very first scene with him in the bathtub, he varied between overpoweringly sad to creepily eerie. Duplass pulled off both within the scene.

The literal jump scares were funny and both broke the tension and elevated it at the same time.

This was a Blumhouse film and it was one of the better offering from the company. I found this fully compelling and it was an excellent entry in the found footage genre.

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