A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place (2018) was one of my favorite movies of that year so I was anticipating the sequel a lot…last year. A Quiet Place Part II was one of the first major films to be delayed because of the worldwide pandemic that struck us last March. In fact, I believe the sequel was a weekend or so away before they delayed it into 2021. That was a shame, but they say good things come to those who wait, and that is absolutely the case here.

A Quiet Place Part II is both a sequel and parts prequel as the film starts back on Day One of the alien invasion that sent the world into its apocalyptic future. We see the Abbott family attending Marcus’ (Noah Jupe) baseball games when a comet streaked across the sky. No one was sure what was happening but we got to see the reactions of both Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) to the confusion.

That opening with the aliens landing, which was featured heavily in the promotional materials for the film, was a distinct different feel from the film we had seen back in 2018. This was extremely loud and full of chaos as these creatures attacked and murdered the humans without any apparent reason. I like the fact that the film does not feel the need to explain the motives behind the monsters. It is not about the aliens, it is about the people being affected by the aliens. But the loudness was there clearly as a counterbalance to the opening in the original film.

After the opening, we come back to the present where we see the remaining Abbott family leaving their house in search of somewhere to continue their lives. They wind up finding a family friend (who was at the baseball game in the prequel section), Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and beg him for help.

The film is really the kids’ movie, especially Millicent Simmonds, playing deaf Regan. She has stepped into the role left by Lee’s death in the previous movie and she shoulders that responsibility extremely well. She is shown to be brave, intelligent and adept. Every time the film flips into her POV, it is disturbing and shaky for the audience. She shows her skills throughout her path in the story.

Noah Jupe also got to show off his acting chops here, and he may have taken more of a character arc than his on screen sister. Something dramatic happened to him at the beginning of the movie and provides him with a serious conflict to overcome. I think Noah Jupe is an outstanding young actor. I have been impressed with him in every role he has had.

I do think there was a little slowness from just after the prequel section until the plot really gets underway, but the tension and suspense after that really ratchets up to a level that kept me uneasy the entire time. There may have been a few too many jump scares, but every one of them worked on me. The second part of the movie had a much more action centered story than the original, which made the film feel new.

A Quiet Place Part II is a sequel, but it does not feel like the same movie as the original. Many sequels fall into the trap of just redoing the same movie and then calling it a new film. This has the familiar characters, but it places them in different situations and made me feel like this is a true second installment in the greater story.

The ending is very satisfying, but it does end suddenly, leaving me wanting more. At least I would have liked a little bit of wrap up to these characters, a chance to wind down from the high stakes that the film ended with.

We had less of Emily Blunt, but what we did get was big time kick ass. Cillian Murphy was a great addition to the cat as well.

This was a great follow up to a brilliant first film. I do believe there is plenty of story to continue, if the creative side of the movie would like to continue. This may be a great film to see in a theater, if you have not yet ventured out since the pandemic.

4.75 stars

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