The Avengers (1998)

I was going through the list of movies on HBO Max that are leaving at the end of the month to see if there were any there that I would like to add to the DailyView and I found three. The first one I watched was 1998’s The Avengers, a movie based on the 1960s TV show.

WTF was this movie?

At first, I thought I was watching a farce film, like the Naked Gun franchise or Airplane!. Then I thought it might just be a straight up comedy, but I do not believe that the laughs were intended. I saw that it was listed as Action/Adventure. I went to Rotten Tomatoes and found that it was sitting at a spry 5%.

This review is not going to up that score at all.

I’m not going into a deep plot synopsis here either. That is but a waste of time. British agent John Steed (Ralph Fiennes) teams up with the woman who looks exactly like the terrorist on the videotape they have, Mrs. Peel (Uma Thurman) to engage in a story stolen directly from the 1980s General Hospital. The evil weather machine of Mikkos Cassadine from the 1980s was one of the most campy, over-the-top storylines the show had. Now it is on the big screen with Sean Connery playing the “Mikkos” role.

I must say, having the original James Bond himself playing a Bond villain is fun. Connery is chewing up every scene he is in. I mean… the giant teddy bear suits…what can I say? Although with a name like Sir August de Wynter, maybe he should be a Batman villain instead.

Uma Thurman, in her best Black Widow attire, has a duel role to play here, but we are never given a reason for there being two women with the same face. At least, I never caught a reason. I might have missed it because I was still trying to figure out what this film was.

Having the British Ministry being led by a pair of people named “Mother” (Jim Broadbent) and “Father” (Fiona Shaw) was funny, but I did not understand why Father was cosplaying Trinity from the Matrix.

I’m not sure that I could roll my eyes any harder than I did EVERY time these characters spoke. The dialogue was utterly atrocious and was as stupid as could be.

I’m also not sure how a film as short as this could make me feel like it was never going to end.

For fans of these characters, you can always go back to the 1960s TV show. While i have never seen it, surely it is better than this trash.

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