The ‘Burbs (1989)

I’m not sure what is going on at WordPress. It says that I have a six day streak posting at Embrace Your Geekness despite the fact that I have posted a post every day since April 29th with the DailyView. It is really weird and I am not really sure of the data they are using. Anyway… going for a seven day streak today with today’s film, The ‘Burbs.

I added this film to the list after watching the Schmoedown Horror Exhibition from a few weeks ago. It was the answer to one of the questions and critic/Schmoedown star William Bibbiani made a comment about The ‘Burbs being one of his favorite movies and I knew I had never seen it. I was surprised that it was included in a horror Schmoedown because I did not think that The ‘Burbs was that kind of movie. I was intrigued.

Then I looked at Rotten Tomatoes and I saw it was at 53%, which is one of my memories of the film- the reviews were bad. It just kept being an intriguing film. So I watched it today and I found it great. It was funny, interesting and I was never sure what was going to happen next.

Some new neighbors move in to the house next to Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) in the suburbs and they start to show some questionable actions. They were rarely seen, weird noises coming from their basement and Ray saw them digging in their backyard during a rainstorm.

Ray, along with his neighbors Rumsfield (Bruce Dern) and Art (Rick Ducommun), begin to look into the neighbors when another neighbor, old man Walter (Gale Gordon) disappeared without a trace.

The paranoia continued to build among the neighborhood as strange occurrences continue to happen. One of the fun aspect of the film is that Corey Feldman’s character Ricky is one of the neighbors and he spends his time on the porch watching everything that is happening in the cul-de-sac. He would invite his girlfriend and his friends over to watch the events happening around them.

The cast is fun, including Tom Hanks who was still in his comedy acting style of his early movies. It was great seeing Carrie Fisher too as she was Tom Hanks’ wife.

As I was watching this, The ‘Burbs made me feel as if I had been transported back into the 1980s. This film had a tone much similar to The Goonies and other comedic action films of the time. The music, the dialogue, the over-the-top situations are all so very 80s and hit on the nostalgia. I wonder if I would have thought differently had I saw this in the actual 80s.

I enjoyed this quite a bit and I am glad that I finally saw it.

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