Crazy Hong Kong (1993)

I went on quite the voyage this morning for the DailyView.

This tip requires some background. At my school, we were discussing last day before summer break activities and the idea of a movie came up. When it comes to movies, people tend to look to me since I have some knowledge. During the discussion, one of the other teachers mentioned about a movie that her teachers would show when she was in school called The Gods Must Be Crazy. I had never heard of this movie before, so I added it to the DailyView list.

The Gods Must Be Crazy is not easy to find.

However, I thought I found the full movie on YouTube and so I planned on watching it this morning.

What the hell am I watching?

About half way through, I was starting to doubt that this was the same movie.

The first thing that made me question it was that Conrad Janis, who appeared as Mindy’s father on Mork and Mindy, was here as a cowboy hat wearing businessman and his name did not appear on the IMDB for The Gods Must Be Crazy. He was a recognizable actor and would have been on the cast list. Suddenly, I was not sure what I was watching. The lead actor here, N!xau (who was a San from the Kalahari Desert and had been discovered by the director of The Gods Must Be Crazy, Jamie Uys), was definitely the same man from the movie I was looking for so I kept watching.

Another question I had was that The Gods Must Be Crazy held am 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and what I was watching did not feel like it would be “fresh” at all. In fact, this was clearly a terrible movie.

I started my search to see exactly what it was that I was watching.

I went again to IMDB and went to Conrad Janis’s page to see what movie it listed him starring in, but funny enough, it was not on his page. Was that a commentary on the film? Undeterred, I went to the page for N!xau and I saw several films. Clicking on each, I was looking for one that would match the weird storyline that I was seeing.

N!xau, who played Xi, wound up with a bottle that contained a bird and he went on a journey to free the bird. It ended up in Kowloon, on the streets of Hong Kong. From there, it was a fish-out-of-water story as Xi tried to make his way through the culture of the land he did not understand.

There was a plot with some bumbling diamond thieves (who wore sunglasses and trench coats) too that came from out of nowhere. Carina Lau played the businesswoman who Xi followed and Ching Wan Lau played her assistant John, whom got stuck with Xi on his misadventures.

Finally, I was able to track down the title of this movie (which was listed as The Gods Must Be Crazy on YouTube0. It was Crazy Hong Kong, the fourth film in the Gods Must Be Crazy series. There turned out to be five of them in this series. This one certainly did not inspire me to watch the rest.

The production values on this were terrible. The dubbing was bad (even the dubbing for Conrad Janis was echo-y and poorly done). The story was nonsensical.

Still, it is one of those films that you can sit down with and have a good time making fun of.

I hope to still search out The Gods Must Be Crazy, which sounds like a considerably better movie, and I won’t be fooled again.

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