The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

I had an epic problem trying to watch this movie last week when I wound up watching the fourth film in this series called Crazy Hong Kong instead. After realizing that I was watching the wrong movie, I finished that one and started looking for the actual movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy. It was nowhere on any of the streaming services (that I could find) so I went to Ebay and I purchased the DVD copy. It arrived today so I decided to give this a second attempt at adding The Gods Must Be Crazy to the DailyView.

A Bushman named Xi (N!xau) found a Coca-Cola bottle that had fallen from an airplane. He had no idea what it was, but it became one of the most valuable tools his village had ever seen. However, they started to fight over the bottle and it caused problems internally. Xi decided that the bottle was evil and went to throw it off the edge of the earth.

This is a premise that is filled with comedic potential, but there are like a couple other storylines going on at the same time that have little, if anything to do with the main plot point. There is a clumsy scientist (Marius Weyers) and a school teacher (Sandra Prinsloo). There are military conflicts with local armies and a warlord all over the place with rocket launchers and tanks. It makes the narrative very choppy and difficult to follow.

All of the stories do combine at the end, but the whole Coke bottle bit was an after thought at this point. It was just a trick to get Xi involved with these other characters.

There was a ton of slapstick comedy here that was funny. There was a running gag about a jeep that could not stop if they wanted it to keep running that was very funny.

I’m not sure if this was worth the effort it took for me to find it, but it was a funny film at times. Xi is easy to root for and the clumsy scientist had its moments too.

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