Creep 2 (2017)

DailyView: Day 60, Movie 104

I have been waiting to watch the sequel to Creep for awhile. I was considering saving it for Halloween time, but I enjoyed the original so much that I decided to make this another film for the DailyView. Creep 2 was on Netflix and Mark Duplass returned to the role he played in Creep.

I really enjoyed the first Creep and the sequel was even better.

As we know, Aaron (Mark Duplass) draws in victims using an ad looking for a videographer. He then spends a day with these people and ends up killing them. Here, however, it seems as if he has met his match. Sara (Desiree Akhavan) is the host of an online video show that follows lonely men and studies their lives. Sara thinks that she has hit the jackpot with Aaron, who immediately confesses that he is a serial killer and that he was looking for something special for his 40th kill. Sara does not believe him, but she worries about taking advantage of the disturbed man.

They spend the day together. All of Aaron’s tricks, that worked so well in the previous movie, do not work well on Sara and he is slightly frustrated by that. As the day progresses, the conversation between Aaron and Sara change up and this dialogue is the main driving force of the film.

Sara is unshakable in her attitude, most likely from her past experiences with these kinds of sad people, but she does not realize the level to which Aaron will take the action.

Creep 2 is not as scary as the original, but it does a great job of creating an uncomfortableness that plays into the tone of the movie. You know that Aaron is a killer, but you are uncertain exactly what he is going to do about it. Sara feels like a match for him and one wonders if she s going to realize what we already know. It just seems that every wild and out there moment he tosses at her, she is ready for it and gives it right back.

The film is more of a character study than a horror movie, and it takes what could have been the same premise and makes it different and original from the first film.

Creep 2 was filled with tension and anxiety, but in a different way than Creep was. The fact that they could give us two very different types of movie from the same general premise is very impressive and makes Creep 2 an excellent sequel.

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