No Sudden Move

This one was an unexpected appearance on HBO Max today. I had not heard about this, but the crime movie with the great cast including Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro had me intrigued. Include with that the director being Steven Soderbergh, well, I was excited.

In the end, it’s fine.

No Sudden Move had some difficulties keeping my attention through much of the first couple acts of the movie, which was a drawback. Since I was watching this at home, I had plenty of other distractions pulling my attention away and this movie did not grab me and maintain my mind. Since I watch a lot of movies at home, it is not as if it was an uncommon situation.

I do believe that this was a film that would require some focus with its crime plot. Maybe it is not fair that I review this since I was distracted several times, even though I believe that the failure to engage is a criticism that I could level at this movie.

Detroit, 1962, a group of low level criminals are hired to steal a document Unfortunately, their attempts take a bad turn and things go out of hand. Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro are two of the thieves that are involved here, and they did not have any clue about what they were actually stealing. This riddle was part of the mystery of the film. I like both Cheadle and Del Toro, but I had a difficult time following the choices made.

David Harbour was here and was great as he always is, but I was distracted by him because all I could do when looking at him was wonder why he was playing H.R.G from the TV show Heroes (there is a reference for anyone). There is also Noah Jupe, who is consistently excellent in his other films such as A Quiet Place and Honey Boy. I am impressed with Jupe every time I see him in a movie, even if the movie has left me wanting.

The period piece looked good and there were plenty of solid shots. The costuming was on par and the direction was top notch. I just did not connect with this movie very well.

I should really give it another shot and it is available on HBO Max, but I’m not sure if I am motivated to do that.

2.6 stars

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