Loki Episode 5


Only one left.

Episode 5 out of 6 brings us into the Void, the place at the end of time where everything that is pruned goes. The best analogy I heard was from Vanessa of Late to the Party, who compared the Void to the trash icon on your computer screen. When you trash something, it goes into the file until you ultimately delete it. That is a great way to look at this.

Alioth. I was unaware of this character’s Marvel Comics background, which only makes it more cool. Yet this giant creature was a real cross between the Langoliers and the Smoke Monster from LOST. As a huge LOST fan, I immediately identified the character design that resembled Smoky and I loved it.

We see our Loki variants greeting Loki as he arrived in the Void. Kid Loki, Classic Loki (who is Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki led Loki through the wasteland of the Void that held Easter Eggs galore… including the infamous THANOS-COPTER!!!! Thanos copter is a real thing that happening in the comics and that it existed in one of the alternate timelines is just a hoot. Also…keep your eyes peeled for Throg.

One of my favorite moments in the episode was one of the quieter parts of the episode. Richard E. Grant explained how he avoided having his neck broken by Thanos. He said that he used his illusion ability to create an image that fooled even Thanos. That was a fan theory that was floating around after Avengers: Infinity War when they were looking at possible ways that Loki could have survived. When the writers used this idea as the way Richard Grant could survive, it was fun.

The President Loki variant made his long awaited appearance too, bringing a bunch of henchmen with him. This led to one of the greatest, most chaotic moment of the series as the group of Lokis were betraying each other and battling for supremacy. In a homage to Peter Pan, Alligator Loki bit the hand off of President Loki. The scream of Prez Loki was a series highlight for sure.

At the TVA, Sylvie and Ravonna were having their confrontation and, I’m sorry, but I did not believe one word that Ravonna said. She was trying to manipulate Sylvie, to delay her long enough for the Minutemen to arrive. However, she had told Sylvie that Loki was still alive and she told her about the Void. As a way to escape, Sylvie pruned herself. That was quite a leap of faith considering Ravonna is clearly a liar. Ravonna goes to talk to Hunter B-15, who is in a special holding cell and she wanted to get whatever info she could get from her. It does feel as if Ravonna did not know that the Timekeepers were fake and she did not seem to know who was behind everything. I still got the indication that she was loyal to whoever was pulling the strings.

Back in the Void, Sylvie awakens and is found by Mobius! Mobius is alive too and this was one of the fish-pumping moments of the episode. When Mobius was pruned last week, it was one of the most difficult scenes because Owen Wilson is such a great part of this series, and to see him back was such a wonderful thing.

Our group of Lokis meet up with Sylvie and Mobius, and they come up with a plan on how to find who was behind the TVA. Sylvie had touched the monstrous Alioth and she saw past it. She believed that she could enchant it. The entire ending sequence with Sylvie and Loki working together while Richard E. Grant distracted Alioth was just tremendous. And it opened up the path to a castle, where clearly our “Wizard of Oz” would be found.

There is so much to unpack here because this episode was packed full of awesomeness and it does an amazing job setting up the confrontations for next episode. Loki and Sylvie on their way to the end of time and Mobius on his way back to the TVA for a final confrontation with Ravonna Renslayer. Mobius tells Loki that he is going to “burn it to the ground.”

The relationship between Loki and Mobius was cemented this episode too, as the two friends shared a hug before Mobius returned to the TVA. It was one of the sweetest moments of the show, and it showed the playfulness as well as Mobius, as he was hugging Loki, whispered to Sylvie that she was his favorite. It was a perfect example of the friendship formed by these two.

One more Wednesday to go. This show has been so wild that next week could bring us literally anything. I mean, we have already had an alligator Loki….

What is next? Is it … Kang?

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