Till Death

Here is one of those movies from VOD that I might not have ever seen if I hadn’t had to spend most of the last year searching for movies online. I found this on Vudu, and the synopsis sounded cool. So I gave it a chance and it was a great movie that really highlights the acting chops of Megan Fox.

I know, right? Megan Fox has never been someone who I thought of when the term “acting chops” came up, but here she not only shows her kick ass tendencies, but also her skill as a thespian.

Megan Fox is Emma, a woman who had been involved in a violent encounter years before with a man named Bobby Ray (Callan Mulvey). Her husband was a successful lawyer Mark (Eoin Macken) but heir marriage was having problems. Emma was having an affair with Tom (Aml Ameen), a co-worker of Mark.

Mark set up a surprise for Emma and his anniversary, a trip to a remote lakehouse in the winter. He prepared a romantic evening, isolated with only them.

The next morning, Emma awakens to find that she is handcuffed to Mark and that he had a gun. He shoots himself in the head, with blood and brains splattering across Emma. She realized that he had removed anything that could unshackle her from him. Worse yet, she soon learns that he had hired Bobby Ray and his brother Jimmy (Jack Roth) to kill her and they were on their way.

Sure the premise is a little out there, but the performers all do a wonderful job, in particular Megan Fox, who struggles to survive with all of these hurdles tossed in her way. She shows smarts and determination, as well as a bad ass streak. The physical performance from Fox shows how much she was willing to go for it.

The film was short, and paced extremely well. There was little wasted time, especially once they arrived at the lakehouse. It was tense and taut and even clever at times.

Till Death is a solid revenge/thriller that gives us a new look at Megan Fox. It was easy to root for her and you can feel every frightening moment as she is desperately trying to save her life. Yes, there may be an unlikely situation or two, but they are worth it with the solid make up of the remainder of the film.

4 stars

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