The Devil Below

Netflix has promised to release a new movie every week to their streaming service. Unfortunately, for every Fear Street and Army of the Dead we get, there is a The Devil Below to balance it out. In fact, I would dare to say that the quality of the movies such as The Devil Below is what is the rule instead of the exception.

By that I mean that it is crappy.

A team of researchers arrive in the Appalachian country to investigate a series of coal mines that have been ablaze for decades. When the open one up, they realize quickly that they have made a mistake and have unleashed something previously contained.


There is nothing here to grab your attention or to make you give a care about any of the characters here. All of the characters are lacking any depth to their character, being nothing more than one trait, a one-trick pony.

And the monsters… well, let’s just say that they resembled the Flukeman on The X-Files crossed with Audrey II, but not quite as scary. They are shot in the worst way possible, that made them more funny than frightening.

This is the type of movie that makes me not want to explore the rest of these Netflix movies.

1 star

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