The Rink (1916)

DailyView: Day 77, Movie 130

With Loki coming to a close today, I spent a good chunk of the morning with that series and the variety of YouTube reactions for it. Because of that, time slipped away so it meant that I would be watching another Charlie Chaplin short for the DailyView. Today’s film was called The Rink and it goes all the way back to 1916.

Charlie Chaplin is his typically bumbling, clumsy self as a waiter at a restaurant who takes his lunch break to a roller skating rink where he meets up with a young lady (Edna Purviance).

Charlie Chaplin on roller skates was way more fluid and graceful than I thought he was going to be. However, when others would get in his way or cause him to off balance, the resulting pratfalls and slapstick was hilarious. While the material at the restaurant was fairly typical, the roller skating scenes were tremendous.

I enjoyed the music that served as the film’s soundtrack more than several other Chaplin films. I am not sure why I noticed this one as much as I did, but it was great.

Charlie Chaplin’s roller skating was certainly the highlight here and worth the time. It was a lot of fun and quick.

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