The Bay (2012)

DailyView: Day 80, Movie 136


The DailyView movie today is one of the creepiest, frightening films that I have seen in years because it is so real and possible. The Bay is a found footage film that deals with a breakout of some parasitic disease that happened during the July 4th Crab Festival in the town of Claridge, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.

The film is constructed like a documentary reorganized by a reporter Donna Thompson (Kether Donohue), the creepiest thing about the film is how this feels like something that could happen. I am really glad that I was not watching this at night.

The panic shown in the people on the clips was just frightening. Adding to the tone of the film was the imagery of this terrible sickness that seemingly came from the water and the parasites that are found within it.

Written and directed by Barry Levinson (screenplay by Michael Wallach), The Bay builds an unbelievable amount of tension and anxiety through what seemed like a harmless, fun summer celebration only to show the tragedy of the events and the desperation of the people in charge. The doctor (Stephen Kunken) and his determination to stay and do what he could do to help people while his staff retreated was inspiring, yet, in the end, a waste of time. Some of the scenes from the hospital shook me.

It is legitimately a movie that will stick with you, especially with what we just lived through the last year and a half with Covid-19. The water should be safe, but this film shows how easily something that is supposed to sustain life and make people’s lives better can be warped and mutated into something dangerous and deadly. The film never goes into exactly what happened, but it does imply several causations. These are completely scary.

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