Risky Business (1983)

DailyView: Day 89, Movie 154

One of the earliest movies in the Tom Cruise filmography is the teen coming of age/sex movie Risky Business, directed by Paul Brickman. This is the next film in the DailyView binge.

With his parents are away for the weekend, Joel (Tom Cruise) decided that he would have some fun. Contacting a call girl Lana (Rebecca De Mornay), Joel found himself in all kinds of trouble.

More mature and deep than American Pie or Porky’s, Risky Business is the story of high school kids behaving badly and dealing with the overabundance of teen angst as well as the proclivity of sex. There are dark themes in examination here in a satire that does have some solid laughs to it.

Of course, the most iconic scene in the film is one that nearly everybody has seen… the Bob Seger “Old Time Rock-n-Roll” scene with Cruise dancing in his underwear. It happened early in the movie, but there are several other classic 80s songs in the film’s soundtrack as well.

You can see the actor that Tom Cruise would become here with his youthful and carefree performance.

There were distractions for me as well. They were in the form of Balki from Perfect Strangers and Herbert Viola from Moonlighting. Bronson Pinchot and Curtis Armstrong are the actors and they were playing Cruise’s best friends, but they are too recognizable for me to not be pulled out of the film. As I have said before, this is not the film’s fault, but my own biases. Plus, I have an unnatural dislike of Herbert Viola because of how much I blame him unreasonably for the decline in Moonlighting quality.

There is a Ferris Bueller vibe here too as Joel goes to great distances to avoid being caught and it seemed as if things always worked out in the end.

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