The Green Knight

Based on the Arthurian story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the new movie The Green Knight debuted this weekend, written and directed by David Lowery.

The classic tale becomes a little more supernatural in the movie, though there are certainly magical elements in the original story as well. Gawain (Dev Patel) is King Arthur’s nephew and steps up to face the mysterious Green Knight (Ralph Ineson) who appeared from nowhere and challenged the knights to step up and deliver a blow. Green Knight said that he would allow anyone to deliver one blow to him and that the following Christmas, the same knight would come to the home of the Green Knight and allow him to deliver the same blow.

Gawain decapitated the Green Knight with his blow, but is shocked when the creature stood back up and rode off, head in hand, laughing.

The year passed and Sir Gawain started off on the trek across the land to find the Green Knight’s Chapel and settle his honor.

I’m going to be honest, I was bored for a good chunk of the movie. I found most of the first hour of the movie to be slow-moving and dull, and not in the way of character development either. This movie simply did not have my attention and I was finding myself watching the time.

The conclusion did not improve a bunch, though I was more engaged in the last 20 minutes or so.

The movie is utterly beautiful though. The CGI and the imagery on every scene is breathtaking and masterfully rendered. The magical creatures and the surrounding environments are exceptional to look at and gave me something to look at when I was bored with the story.

Dev Patel was his typical wonderful self. His performance was solid, even though I was not entranced with the story it was telling. Patel was one of the strengths of the film.

The Green Knight was a beautiful film to look at, but was so slow and dull, it was a difficulty watch. It is a masterfully created movie, but a tale that I could not enjoy.

2.9 stars

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