Fast & Furious (2009)

DailyView: Day 96, Movie 162

I have been following the Fast Saga since the arrival of the Rock in Fast 5. I had not seen the previous four movies. They had never been something that appealed to me. In fact, the last few films in the franchise have not been films that I liked. Still, I wanted to go back and look at how it started. So I pulled up Fast & Furious on Peacock. You see, I thought this was the first film of the franchise, but, about 20 minutes in, I realized that it was not. Doing a little research, I discovered that this was actually Fast 4.

This film was mainly involved in bringing back together Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) from, apparently, previous installments where they had a falling out. Brian is back working for the FBI and Dom is still involved in criminal activity.

When Leddy (Michelle Rodriguez) is killed, (don’t worry… she’s back later in the franchise) Dom goes on a revenge tour to kill the person responsible. This sends him into some kind of drug cartel storyline that crosses paths with Brian.

I don’t know. It is all just an excuse to drive fast and to crash a bunch of cars.

Gal Gadot is here too. What was missing was the whole “Family.” We see some of them at the beginning, but there is a definite lack of crew in this film. In fact, I believe the word “family” is only uttered once, and it was by Dom’s sister (Jordana Brewster). I guess no one thought about calling John Cena.

I can see why they needed to bring in The Rock to resurrect this franchise. This was pretty weak, with a lackluster villain and an uninspiring story.

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