Friday the 13th (1980)

DailyView: Day 107, Movie 180

Since today is Friday the 13th, I thought it was a good idea to watch one of that franchise’s movies. The thing is…I was not sure if I had seen the first Friday the 13th. I knew of things that happened in the movie, but it was iconic so I may have just heard about it. I knew the conclusion, but again, it has been around for 40 + years. I was never a fan of slasher movies, but it is a well known one. I knew about Camp Crystal Lake, but that is something that is part of the culture.

So I put the film on and it was not long before I realized that I had not ever seen it which meant that it qualified for the DailyView.

Of course, there are a ton of horror movie clichés in the film, but they were not necessarily clichés at the time. The camp killings have been done many times before, but this is what started it all.

Jason Voorhees is the villainous murderer of the franchise, known for his hockey mask. Ironically, the first film does not include that hockey mask. I had known that, but it was still strange to see. Jason himself does not make much of an appearance since the culprit was in the family.

I was surprised to see Kevin Bacon in the cast. I may have known that in the back of my head, but, if I had, it was not something that I remembered. Most of the rest of the cast were not faces that seemed familiar to me. As with these kin of horror flicks, the characters are not specifically developed. They are in the movie to be victims and to die in terrible ways.

I really liked the way the film set up each killing, showing it to us from the killer’s POV. It was handled like a mystery although the reveal of the killer came out of nowhere. I would have liked to have the Jason stuff sprinkled in the film at least a little. Still, it works for what it was.

Slasher films have never been a favorite of mine, but you have to respect those films that started the craze. Friday the 13th has lasted for years and still is watchable.

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