The Idle Class (1921)

DailyView: Day 111, Day 184

Woke up early today to take care of the DailyView since the rest of the day feels very packed. That meant that I had to return to the world of The Little Tramp, aka Charlie Chaplin.

This time, the Little Tramp starred in The Idle Class. Chaplin sneaks into an upper class golf resort. He meets a woman who is having an argument with her drunken husband who, just so happens, to resemble the Tramp. The woman mistakes Chaplin for her husband and hilarity ensues.

Much like the other silent films from the oeuvre of Charlie Chaplin, the key component is the slapstick comedy and, once again, Charlie Chaplin proves to be brilliant at it. The sequence on the golf course in this movie is genius.

Chaplin does play dual roles in The Idle Class, which is something that he will do several times in his career. There is a clever use of a suit of armor to help when the two roles are on screen at the same time.

Something that is not mentioned enough is the wonderful score that accompanies the film. This score is composed by Chaplin himself, showing off the talent that he has. The comedy is always enhanced by the music playing behind it and that helps the movie flow well.

The Chaplin train continues as it once again helps out the DailyView.

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