Reminiscence is the new science fiction, neo-noir starring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson. It is directed by Lisa Joy, a producer and writer from the HBO TV show Westworld.

In a dystopian futuristic world, Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), a private investigator of the mind who uses the reminiscence to search for information through the memories of his clients. When a simple case of missing keys from a woman named Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) came into his office, Nick found that it was anything but simple. He fell for Mae and he became obsessed with her when she disappeared.

There are some good parts of the film, but, unfortunately, it is mixed in with a lot of negative. Starting off with the fact that I never bought the connection between Nick and Mae. Jackman and Ferguson are tremendous actors, but this story just did not provide them with the sufficient details to make me care about them together. Their chemistry was lacking. I do not think that is because of the acting, but because of the story.

The premise was pretty interesting, but it does feel like movies that we have already seen. There feels to be a lot of convoluted plot points that happen that are not needed. The run time is almost 2 hours and I feel every bit of the time.

There is a lot of stuff, characters in particular, that is thrown at the audience and they are not effectively explained, which makes their eventual importance less important for me. The only people who I had a real knowledge of was Nick and Mae, and not necessarily Mae. Thandiwe Newton played Nick’s partner in his reminiscence business and I did like her, but she felt underdeveloped and not used enough. She did have one bad ass fight scene with Nick, but she was someone I could have used more from. Cliff Curtis was a crooked cop at the heart of the convoluted plot that I really did not know much about and so when he was such a vital aspect of the ending, I was not as invested as I could have been.

I watched this on HBO Max this morning and I was glad that I did not have to go to the theater to see it. It is a film that feels as if it has wasted a solid cast and a potentially interesting premise for a mismanaged love story.

2.4 stars

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