Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

DailyView: Day 122, Movie 195

This movie proves that, no matter how many times it happens, seeing someone getting struck in the groin is funny. Every time.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story was not a movie I expected to enjoy. I usually tie Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller into the group of comedians that I do not like (such as Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell etc.). However, I have like a few of Vaughn films during the DailyView, and Stiller has some that I like too (especially Mystery Men) so maybe I should not have categorized this film the way I did.

Dodgeball is a stupid movie. No way around it. But it was stupid funny. It is silly, fun, entertaining and downright ridiculous.

Yes, it is predictable. The story is pretty basic. There are a couple of things that happen that are stretching credibility remarkably thin. But the biggest rule in comedy movies is, it doesn’t matter how stupid a movie is, as long as it is funny. And this film is very funny.

It takes some time to develop this group of losers playing dodgeball to try and save their small, failing gym, Average Joe’s, from being taken over by the mega gym Globo Gym, run by White Goodman (Ben Stiller). The $50,000 prize money for the national dodgeball tournament would help save the day. It is just, the team fielded by Average Joe’s is les than inspiring.

There are some epic cameos in this movie, from William Shatner to Chuck Norris.

The cast is filled with some solid character actors including Justin Long, Alan Tudyk, Rip Torn, Stephen Root, Chris Williams, Gary Cole, Hank Azaria, Christine Taylor and Missi Pyle. The standout of them all was the Dodgeball tournament color commentator, Pepper Brooks, played with an amazing insanity by Jason Bateman.

The film is quickly paced at just over 90 minutes, but every minute is worthwhile. There is a post credit scene with Ben Stiller that can must be seen to be believed.

Likable characters and funny writing, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is a real surprise for me.

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