Cinderella (2021)

Hey look, it is another version of Cinderella.

This one is a musical.

And Cinderella is a Feminist. Oh, the Internet is going to hate this one.

Amazon Prime’s Cinderella came out on the streaming service on September 3rd, but, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with the 2021 version.

I’ll start with what I liked, because there were some parts that I thought were pretty decent. As a jukebox movie, I thought the music and the singing performances of the film were good, with a few being very strong. Camila Cabello was charming (no pun intended) as Ella. She has a beautiful voice and I did enjoy every song she sang. Nicholas Galitzine was Prince Robert and there was something different about him than other actors who played this role. He brought an odd feel to the part and I kind of dug it. Evil Step-mother Vivian was brought to life by Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, another great singer. The film did attempt to give Vivian a little more depth than she normally receives.

One of the major problems was that none of the characters, outside of Ella, received anything more than surface level development. Even Ella was not a well developed character as she was just basically a Feminist spouting the lines you would expect. She was inconsistent with even that. It stands out even more when you have so many other examples of Cinderella being done well.

The mice, played by James Cordon, James Acaster, and Romesh Ranganathan were terribly unfunny and truly brought every scene with them in it to a halt.

How does Pierce Brosnan keep getting cast in musicals? At least here his bad singing was played as a joke, but it was not a funny one. Brosnan overacted every time he was on screen.

There are worse movies and the music was entertaining, but there just lacks a reason for this film to exist, especially when there are so many great versions of the story out there already.

2.6 stars

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