The Limey (1999)

DailyView: Day 145, Movie 223

The Limey falls into a typical revenge genre. A vengeful father coming after those people he blames for the death of his daughter. We’ve seen that many times. Still, it is something that we can all relate to and understand. When it is done well, it can be very entertaining. The Limey is very entertaining.

The strongest part of the film is easily the two main leads. Terence Stamp with his steely and cold career criminal life and the slimy record producer played by Peter Fonda. These two bring such a strength to their characters that you are fully engaged in their story.

The action is solid too and not over used. The violence is well used and fits in what they are trying to do. The third act confrontation is well planned out as all of the pieces that have been floating around the film cross into a satisfying conclusion.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, The Limey is a straightforward film with some well timed shots and some cool visuals. Terence Stamp is awesome, but not superhuman, which some times the protagonists in these types of movies become. I liked how he showed his humanity and his weaknesses without sacrificing his bad ass statis.

The Limey was quick and smart. It did not waste time and worked extremely well.

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