Jason X (2001)

DailyView: Day 147, Movie 225

The ninth sequel to Friday the 13th takes the indestructible kill machine, Jason Voorhees, into the future, to the year 2455 giving him an all new crew of idiots to slaughter.

Cryogenically frozen, along with scientist Rowan (Lexa Doig), a group in the future discovered them and brought them back. not knowing what they were unleashing. Jason romped through most of the crew on this spaceship as he finds ways to upgrade from the old school slasher.

This is such a dumb movie.

I suppose you could say… “what do you expect?”… but I am not confident that the question allows this type of terrible to be made. The crew is absolute zero in characters. I can hardly remember any of them outside of Rowan and Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah). The rest of the characters are faceless or total copies of other, better characters.

Oh there was the female robot who had sex with one of the crew to become a kick ass murder bot. She wound up a head in one of the silliest sexual innuendo.

This is one of the stupidest movies I have seen in awhile, but I can’t deny that it held my attention. It was stupid entertainment and I did not hate myself for watching it. It is leaving HBO Max this month and I am happy I saw this slasher/sci-fi mash-up. It is not doubt a terrible movie, but I can see its appeal in brainless cinema. But do not misunderstand me… this is a bad, bad movie.

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