Terror By Night (1946)

DailyView: Day 154, Movie 235

Sherlock Holmes on a train.

The murder mystery on a train is a classic trope of the mystery genre and Basil Rathbone brought the iconic detective to the screen in one of his series of black and white thrillers from the 40s.

When a brilliant diamond is stolen and a man is murdered, Sherlock Holmes is on the case, anticipating that an old enemy is behind the theft.

Basil Rathbone does his typically great job as Sherlock Holmes. Nigel Bruce once again takes up his sidekick role as Dr. John Watson, being a little more bumbling than the last time I saw him.

In Terror By Night, the story does a good job of setting up suspects, but it feels a tad rushed as the run time was just under an hour. What was involved in the movie was fun though.

Rathbone carries himself with the gravitas of Sherlock Holmes as this is one of his later films. The end of the film was pure unadulterated Holmes.

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