Premonition (2007)

DailyView: Day 165, Movie 246

I knew what kind of movie this was going to be when Julian McMahon’s head rolled out of his casket and it wasn’t supposed to be funny.

Sandra Bullock was Linda Hanson, a wife and mother of two whose life was uprooted when her husband Jim (Julian McMahon) was killed in a car crash. However, the next day, Linda awoke from her sleep to find Jim alive and well. The film then played with time and showed the events of the week out of order as Linda tried to figure out what exactly had happened.

There are so many silly things going on in this movie that it really undercuts the potentially interesting premise. The way the story is told narratively makes the tragic circumstances almost ridiculous. The melodrama here is cranked up to a huge level.

Sandra Bullock overacts like crazy, and, the end of the movie makes no sense. I can’t discuss it without spoiling, but let’s just say that her memory must make everything good.

She blocked out certain things during the week, but many of them are just not important. Her oldest daughter got hurt, but why does she block that out when it does not have anything to do with Jim’s accident. I can understand why she blocks out Jim’s accident, but looking back, she seems far more crazy than she is shown to be.

Best part about this movie is the cool movie poster.

Just a dumb movie that leaves Netflix on Oct. 31st. Not a day too soon.

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