The Dark Old House (1932)

DailyView: Day 169, Movie 250

Todays DailyView is heading all the way back to 1932 for a horror/comedy featuring the iconic Boris Karloff, hot off of his work as Frankenstein’s Monster. In fact, the film ran a disclaimer telling the audience that the actor was indeed Karloff, to avoid any debates. It was an odd disclaimer, but kicked off the film on a strange note.

The movie tells the story of a group of travelers who had to take shelter in an old mansion in the mountains because of a terrific storm. The house was inhabited by the Femm family, though it was not give immediately. The family Femm was hiding some dark secrets, including the strange butler Morgan (Boris Karloff) and his potentially dangerous behaviors.

Soon, the ensemble realized that there was more to be concerned about than just Morgan as the Femm family curse was revealed to the group.

The film had a great deal of tone that created a lot of suspense. The eeriness of the Femm family kept everyone uneasy and uncertain about what they were trying to do.

The cast of the film included such notable actors as Melvyn Douglas, Charles Loughton, Gloria Stuart, Lilian Bond, Brember Wills, Raymond Massey, Eva Moore, Ernest Thesiger, and Elspeth Dudgeon.

The film is fun to watch and has some enjoyable moments. It is definitely a 1930s film. I liked watching this.

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