Sleepaway Camp (1983)

DailyView: Day 174, Movie 256

What the hell did I just watch?

Sleepaway Camp is a teen slasher film set at a summer camp. Shy teen Angela (Felissa Rose) and her protective cousin Ricky (Jonathan Tiersten) are sent to summer camp by their (let’s say) quirky parent. When a killer starts targeting the teenagers at Camp Arawak…well, actually not much happened. The Campers kept playing their games and acting like a bunch of spoiled bullies.

This was a bad choice for me today. I had a bad day at school so the last thing that I wanted was to see a bunch of ill-behaved, downright rotten children acting badly. They were all bullies and mean spirited teenagers, and that was the last thing I wanted to see right now.

However, the acting was really bad. The story was poorly conceived, simply leading toward a twist, shock ending that was as insulting as anything else.

The killer took time to get the first victim too. While we waited, we got to see a bunch of camp activities. We saw some volleyball. We saw some skinny dipping. We saw a bunch of flirting with some of these horrible kids.

It did not help that the movie threw a pedophile chef in at the beginning of the film as he had Angela cornered and was going to rape her. That was one of the most uncomfortable scenes that I have seen in any movie.

This was a horrendous movie that I did not enjoy even a little bit. I have to find some good movies for the DailyView as lately we’ve had too many garbage ones.

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