Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985)

DailyView: Day 183, Movie 265

Stephen King is one of the best horror writers of all time. He has had plenty of his stories and books adapted into classic movies. Then there are some that I never knew about before. I came across one of these on HBO Max as I was searching for a good film for the DailyView (October). It was called Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye and it was an anthology movie with three stories, two base don existing Stephen King short stories and the third one written by the author specifically for the movie.

A tabby tomcat was a link between the three stories, with the cat being a major character in the third story.

Story one was called “Quitter’s, Inc.”. It followed the story about smoker Dick Morrison (James Woods) who approached a clinic that specialized in helping individuals stop smoking, using some unexpected methods. Led by Dr. Vinny Donatti (Alan King), the intimidation methods were drastic and made me dislike him dramatically.

“Quitter’s, Inc” was my least favorite of the three installments because of the things that Donatti pulled without any consequences for his sins. There was no irony involved and he completely gets away with everything.

Second story was called “The Ledge”, which was my favorite of the three stories, by far. The tomcat escaped from Quitter’s Inc and found his way to Atlantic City, New Jersey where he gets picked up by crime boss Cressner (Kenneth McMillan). Cressner’s wife was involved in an affair with former tennis pro Johnny Norris (Robert Hays). As Norris put Cressner’s wife on a bus, he was snatched and kidnapped by Cressner. Cressner, who would bet on anything, tells Norris that if he could walk around the building on a tiny ledge without falling to his death, he would be let go, given the money and the woman.

This story was tense and anxious as Robert Hays worked his way around the building, being taunted and distracted by Cressner, pigeons that peck at his foot, and parts of the building falling off.

The story was so great and the conclusion of the story was the perfect ironic moment. I found this one very satisfying.

The third story, originally written by King for the movie, is called “General” which is what the little girl (Drew Barrymore) calls the tomcat, which had made its way to North Carolina. The little girl’s mother was not a fan of General, and claimed that the cat would kill their bird. Strangely enough, there was also a mini troll hiding in the little girl’s bedroom wall. The troll killed the bird, Polly, and the cat gets the blame.

This one is right in the middle between the first one and the second one. I was mad at the little girl’s mother (Patricia Benson) because she was so mean to the cat, even at the end, she felt to be barely putting up with the cat.

Then, General and the troll have a knock-down, drag-out battle that gets kind of silly near the end. There is a scene with a record player that is laughable. However, I think that was intentional instead of accidental. There are some funny moments in the movie and so I think the silly bits are excused.

Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye is fun and most of the stories are satisfying and enjoyable. I like where General ends up and I loved The Ledge. It is a solid King adaptation.

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