Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

The Paranormal Activity franchise was once one of the biggest in the horror/found footage subgenre, but its time ran out. The last few films in the series were not at the same level as the first few. However, now on Paramount + streaming, the franchise tries to return to prominence with a new film, Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.

Unfortunately, it felt more like a poor man’s Blair Witch Project crossed with Weird Al’s Amish Paradise (only not as cool as that would be).

Looking to film a documentary about … the Amish?… two documentarians follow Margot (Emily Bader) who is heading into an Amish community to hopefully find information about the mother that gave her up as a child. Once Margot arrived at her extended family, strange things start to happen and Margot, Chris (Roland Buck III) and Dale (Dan Lippert) try to figure out what craziness is going on and why her Amish long lost family is acting in such a bizarre way.

Like all found footage films, the camera is constantly shaking, there are moments when you wonder why the camera is still on and why they have not dumped the camera.

So even after suspending your disbelief about the camera, the three of them have to be some of the stupidest people alive. I will admit to liking Chris and Dale some because they were such a odd pair. Chris had some funny lines, and Dale got on a horse.

Jacob (Tom Nowicki), Margot’s birth grandfather (?) was clearly a creep. This group were so obviously up to sinister plans that you wonder what kind of documentarians these people were.

I do not expect that this film, technically Paranormal Activity 7, will re-invigorate the Paranormal Activity franchise. If I had to guess, they placed the Paranormal Activity label on this film in hopes of increasing the eyes on the product. It won’t matter. This product is bad.

1.2 stars

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