Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

DailyView: Day 188, Movie 270

After looking for awhile across several different streaming services, I settled on Peacock for the night’s DailyView and I came across a comedy featuring the well-known British character, Mr. Bean, played vigorously by Rowan Atkinson.

The plot of this film is basically thin. Mr. bean, who had won a trip to Cannes, France, got stranded with a boy Stepan (Max Baldry) who was separated from his father in a train station. Mr. Bean and Stepan try and work their way to Cannes to reunite the boy and his father, while taking some time on the beach.

The rest of the film is practically all hijinks from the slapstick character.

There is a subplot (sort of) with Willem Dafoe filming a movie for the Cannes Film Festival. One of the bit actresses (Emma de Caunes) he had appearing in the film becomes involved in helping Mr. Bean get to Cannes.

The film is truly silly and features very little in story, but the character of Mr. Bean does have his moments of humor and charm, especially in an inspired section where Mr. Bean is performing on the streets, lip synching and dancing for money.

If you were a fan of Mr. Bean, this is probably for you. If you were not (such as me), you may find enough silliness here to justify the hour and a half run time. Mr. Bean’s Holiday feels like a group of bits strung together without too much concern for the story. There is a bit with Mr. Bean on a bicycle chasing a car with a chicken in the back that had Mr. Bean’s bus ticket stuck on its foot. There is a bit of Mr. Bean pretending to be in the army. There is a bit of Mr. Bean driving and trying to stay awake. Several of these are funny, which helps the film out.

I knew of the character of Mr. bean, but I had never seen him before, so his mostly silent/ barely coherent speaking was a shock to me and did take some time to get used to, but once I did, I did not mind it. He had a definite Charlie Chaplin vibe to him as the film progressed.

The connection between Mr. Bean and Stepan was sweet and I was rooting for them to get the boy back to his poppa. There was only really minor conflict, which was mostly from Mr. Bean himself.

I have seen worse comedies, that is for sure. If you like British comedy, this could give you a decent experience. It is fluffy and inconsequential, but does have some laughs.

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