One Week (1920)

DailyView: Day 190, Movie 272

With tonight’s schedule viewing of Eternals, I had to find something short to watch this morning to satisfy the DailyView, so I broke into the list of black and white shorts and found the Buster Keaton short One Week from 1920.

One Week tells the story of a newly married couple who are just starting their lives together by building their dream house. However, their house turned out to be a little more than what they had expected.

While I was not as much of a fan of the first film I watched of Buster Keaton (especially when compared to Charlie Chaplin) One Week was a considerably better effort. It was filled with some great slapstick moments, several impressive practical stunts (apparently the spinning house was built on a turntable to create the visual gag). The gags involving the house and ladders around it were several times inspired.

Sybil Seely co-starred in the short with Buster Keaton as the newlyweds. She had a definite screen presence and is a nice match with Keaton.

I was not a fan of the score though which repetitively repeated the same melody through the entire run of the film. It was one of those scores that burrows into your head and stay there unwelcomed.

In the end, I enjoyed One Week more than the other Buster Keaton film I saw and it worked beautifully for the DailyView today.

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