This is the second Tom Hanks film to debut on Apple TV + over the last two years. In 2020, we saw Hanks in a World War II naval film called Greyhound. Now, we follow Hanks into a post apocalyptic world with Finch.

No matter where Tom Hanks heads, he is as charming and engaging as ever and he makes everything better around him, even a moderate, middle-of-the-road post apocalyptic film about a man, his dog and a robot.

Devastating solar flares caused rampant destruction to the earth, leading the human race to destroy itself. There are a few exceptions. Tom Hanks, playing Finch, is one of them. He was a knowledgeable engineer who could construct robots and use remaining technology to protect himself and his dog, Goodyear, from the dangerous UV rays that could cook you from even a few seconds of exposure.

Finch, with a understanding that his life would be changing soon, built a new robot, with the capability of speech and thought, and a prime directive to protect the dog above all else.

Eventually named Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones), the robot and the man learned about humanity, life and friendship when forced to leave Finch’s bunker because of a terrible storm.

Finch is a similar movie to Castaway, as Hanks is the only main actor, though this time, the volleyball Wilson, can speak back to him. And there is a dog.

This is one of the fluffiest post apocalyptic movies you are ever going to see, which makes it one of the more original one too. They cover some of the general topics that most post apocalyptic movies do, but the real focus of the movie is the relationship between the three characters: Finch, Jeff and the dog.

As mainly a Man (and robot and dog) vs. Nature conflict, it frames the characters into a small box and allows them to interact and discover more about each other. Jeff developed into more than just a robot, as he learns and makes errors along the way. Finch’s overall motive for constructing Jeff is eventually revealed and it make more sense than at first.

I am not sure that the story would hold up if there were any other actor in the lead role than Tom Hanks. However, since he is our protagonist, Finch worked considerably better than it had a reason to be.

3.75 stars

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