I do enjoy these DC Animated movies. It is nice how they are able to adapt versions of important comic story arcs into stand alone animated movies. They tell stories that do not interlink. They can have characters that could die at any moment without affecting the ability to use the character in a future film.

In Injustice, the Joker comes to Metropolis, kidnapped Lois Lane (after killing Jimmy Olson), and tricks Superman into accidentally killing Lois (and the unborn baby she just realized she was pregnant was). Because of this, Superman kills the Joker by putting his fist through the Joker’s chest. Superman then decides that he was going to start changing the world by stopping the violence and the wars.

Members of the Justice League split to different sides. Wonder Woman backed Superman’s potentially Fascist tendencies. Batman, Green Arrow and Nightwing wanted Superman to stop.

I was expecting not to like this movie, but I have so say, I enjoyed most of this. It worked so much more than expected. The voice acting is spot on. The animation was okay. The animation on the DC Animated films has never been a strength. They maybe could have expanded on the time provided for the story. That would allow the story to breathe a little bit. Maybe if this was a two part film like the Dark Knight Returns or The Long Halloween, it would have felt more complete. It could have helped Superman feel less like he was doing things that went against his character.

However, for what we had, the story of the film worked well enough to make it interesting.

I did not like one big thing… Deadwing. While the idea and use of the character is fine, the use of that name was laughable.

The ending ends a bit too fast and could have wrapped up things some more, too.

I did think this was better than I anticipated and I was happy that I watched it. Using these films to be like Elseworlds stories is a fine use of them. Good cast and lots of characters help to balance out some of the structural issues of the film.

3.4 stars

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