Sexy Beast (2000)

DailyView: Day 193, Movie 275

Ben Kingsley has played some amazing parts in his career, from Gandhi to Trevor Slattery. There may be no better role for the actor than the role of Don Logan in the psychological crime black comedy film, Sexy Beast.

Safecracker Gal (Ray Winstone) had retired with his wife Deedee (Amanda Redmon) to a villa in Spain, leaving the life of crime behind him. When Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) comes to his villa to attempt to recruit him for another job, robbing a bank’s vault planned by crimelord Teddy Bess (Ian McShane). Gal did not want to accept the job, but the immature and violent Don Logan was a difficult man to refuse.

Kinsley is clearly the standout of this movie. His performance as the foul-mouthed, childish, vicious sociopath is just astounding and borderline comical. Kinsley walks the line of parody with Don Logan the entire time, creating a character that is just to the left of ridiculous.

Ray Winstone played off the ravings of Kingsley beautifully, doing his very best to tip-toe around the crazy criminal.

The film is shot with a great deal of style and flair by director Jonathan Glazer, flipping between moments in time throughout the second and third acts.

And the very last scene is a laugh out loud moment that I won’t spoil for you right now, but it was an unexpected treat.

Sexy Beast is an excellent British film, with plenty of different tones scattered throughout. Ben Kingsley showed the level of his acting range as he went with a role that was completely opposite that of Gandhi.

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