The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014)

DailyView: Day 198, Movie 280

I love baseball. There have been so many amazing stories over the decades of baseball and the story being told in the Netflix documentary, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, is one of those.

After the departure of the local Portland minor league baseball team, actor Bing Russell, father of Kurt Russell and actor from Bonanza and the Magnificent Seven (1960), set up an independent Single A baseball organization named the Portland Mavericks, competing with other minor league baseball teams aligned with MLB clubs. The Mavericks were together from 1973-1977 and experienced an unlikely level of success.

Portland Mavericks kept making me picture the Cleveland Indians from the movie Major League. The same idea of bringing in players who the rest of the league may not value and having them exceed all expectations is on display in this documentary as much as there was in that classic baseball film.

Some of the ideas that came from this time are staples in the world of baseball now, such as Big League Chew. It also paints a picture of Major League Baseball not being a supporter of the little team in Portland that was defeating the minor leaguers owned from MLB teams.

There were several interesting real life characters that helped to create a sensation with the Portland Mavericks.

The documentary is an easy watch, quick run time and tells a fascinating story that you may not be familiar with in the wolrd of baseball. All baseball fans should take the hour and 20 minutes and watch this documentary.

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