Top Five (2014)

DailyView: Day 201, Movie 287

I remember when the trailers for this movie was coming out and I was interested in seeing it. However, Top Five, the film written and directed by Chris Rock, never came to any theater in my general area and then it disappeared. Earlier during the DailyView, I was looking for a copy of this to watch, and I was not able to find it then either.

Finally, I was able to find it on Vudu today so I rented it and got a chance to watch it. It was very funny and was a deep character drama with some intriguing characters.

Andre Allen (Chris Rock) was a former stand up comedian who had a huge franchise film series that was incredibly popular. Andre wanted to be taken seriously and wanted to be away from the fandom of that movie series. He made a much more serious film and was on promotion for it before he would head off and get married to Bravo reality star Erica Long (Gabrielle Union).

During one of his days of promoting the film, he was joined by New York Times writer, Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson), who brought an honesty to the interview that appealed to Andre.

Top Five is raucous, at times obscene, very funny film with some top notch dialogue. Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson have great chemistry and are fantastic together.

There is an amazing cast involved including Cedric the Entertainer (involved in one of the most lewd scenes in the film), Leslie Jones, Kevin Hart, J.B. Smoove, Anders Holm, Kevin Barnett, Ben Vereen, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandberg, Michael Che, Sheri Shepherd, Tracy Morgan, Taraji P. Henson, DMX, Gabourey Sidibe and Charlie Rose.

Top Five was absolutely worth the wait. It was a really fun movie and, although there may have been a few of the scenes that made me uncomfortable and they used the N-word a whole bunch, it was funny and surprisingly deep.

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