Hit Monkey S1 E1


Okay, what just happened?

I watched the first episode of Marvel’s Hit Monkey on Hulu, an animated show that is way too violent for the MCU or Disney +.

I believe that I will be watching this as the year goes on. It dropped all ten episodes on Hulu, but I am not planning on binging this in a few days. The episodes are around 30 minutes, so a binge would not be a huge time investment, but I get the feeling this would go down better spaced out.

Jason Sudeikis voices hitman Bryce who, after a hit goes wrong, ends up in the snow with a tribe of monkeys. The monkeys try to help him and heal him, but there is one among the group that did not appreciate Bryce’s arrival.

Hit Monkey [Hulu] Review: Marvel Animated Show Wastes Its Premise |  IndieWire

This show was remarkably violent. You could tell that would be the case 2 minutes into the show when a guard is decapitated. That was unexpected and, once again, tells you why this is on Hulu.

The animation style reminds one of Archer, which works with what is here. The animation is not going to blow anyone away, but it is serviceable for a show about Hit Monkey.

Xplosion of Awesome: Hit-Monkey - Pilot

Not knowing anything about Hit Monkey (outside of the character’s existence), I kept waiting for some kind of mystical powers that would send Bryce’s mind in the body of the monkey. That was not going to happen. After Bryce dies, he returned to the monkey, who has started using the guns, to be a spiritual guide of sorts.

This is truly weird, but it is fascinating and somewhat entertaining. I hope it goes into more than just the revenge plot because it could get repetitive otherwise. I looked up Hit Monkey and it appeared that he is a Deadpool villain. That sounds as if we can consider him an anti-hero. It also looked as if the show stuck pretty close to the origin of Hit Monkey with only some adjustment.

I’m curious to see where they take this. I enjoyed this more than I did the first couple of episodes of MODOK, which just was not for me.

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