Hit Monkey S1 E2


Bright Lights, Big City

Whoa. The pilot episode of Hit Monkey was good, but episode two is absolutely insane. I loved it. There were so many shocking and hilarious moments in the show. Jason Sudeikis is a riot as Bryce, the ghost who is bonded to Hit Monkey, following him around and giving his opinions whether wanted or not.

My favorite line came in the battle with the old woman.

She’s going to play through it

Of course, it was a reference to her having her right arm torn off.

That fight with the old woman was brutal and showed why I am watching this on Hulu and not Disney + and why this is not MCU canon. Bloody and violent, Hit Monkey is something that I did not know that I needed.

We also got the origin of the monkey suit. No pun intended.

Hit-Monkey (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

I love this so far. Excited to see episode three at a later point.

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