The Beatles: Get Back Part 2

Part two of Peter Jackson’s epic documentary on the Get Back recording sessions featuring the Beatles dropped on Disney + today, picking right up from where part one left off.

When we left part one, George Harrison had left the band and they had gone to a meeting that, as the film indicated, did not go very well.

So there led to some deep discussions about the future of the band and what they were going to do, especially when John was late the next day and speculation was that he maybe was not coming in. Paul dropped the quote, “And then there was two” referencing him and Ringo.

However, John did eventually arrive and the three of them played around for much of the day. There was an uncertainty around what the band was going to do and exactly how they were going to continue with their project.

After deciding to switch sites to Apple EMI studios helped soothe some issues and George returned. What really seemed to help the Beatles was the arrival and subsequent use of keyboardist Billy Preston, one of George’s friends, who they convinced to play the piano so the other members of the Beatles would not have to. This helped their idea of playing the songs live to tape.

Billy Preston brought an energy back to the Fab Four, and helped them out. In fact, on the days when Preston was not available because of another show he was working on, you could see that the Beatles were less on task.

This leads to the idea of the rooftop concert as a solution to their live performance problem. When Paul had this suggested to him, you could see his eyes light up and the expression on his face brightened.

We got a cameo from EYG Hall of Famer Peter Sellers early in the episode, during the Is John coming part. Oh, and the Yoko Ono singing while Paul drummed was ear-splitting. It cannot be described.

Can’t wait to wrap up the documentary tomorrow.

S1E2: Part 2 - The Beatles: Get Back Soundtrack | Tunefind

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