The Beatles: Get Back Part 3

Peter Jackson’s documentary trilogy, The Beatles: Get Back, concluded today on Disney + with the third part to the series debuting, with where everything had been building to… the rooftop session.

It is iconic now, but to watch the Beatles performing, interspersed with the crowd on the street being interviewed and watching the police get the run around by the Beatles’ people was a hoot. Hearing from people on the street who loved what was happening to those people who thought it was just a gigantic disturbance was truly fun.

The Beatles : Get Back | Les Beatles, sans l'agonie…

The first hour or so of part 3 felt a little anticlimactic as we just got more of the rehearsal footage that we got heavily in the first two parts, but it is no doubt fascinating. The process by which these musical geniuses came up with and developed these classic songs was amazing to watch. From Ringo starting a bit from Octopus’s Garden to George coming in with lyrics he wrote the night before for Old Brown Shoe and watching them tweak these into what we would know later is just amazing. Still, there may have been a touch too much.

However, every scene with Paul’s little stepdaughter Heather and her interactions with the rest of the band was absolute gold. Watching the Beatles embrace that childlike humor and fun was an absolute treasure.

Paul McCartney's stepdaughter, 6, shows Beatles drummer how to keep the  beat in intimate new footage | Daily Mail Online

I was unaware that several of the songs recorded on the rooftop actually wound up as the final version on the final LP, Let It Be.

It speaks to the enormity of the Beatles that this three episode documentary created such a stir in the community and that Disney + was willing to release it on their streaming platform. It has been over 50 years since the Beatles broke up and two of them have passed away, yet the hunger for the band remains at a high level. Jackson does a wonderful job creating a story out of this footage and giving us an up close look at these four iconic musicians from the greatest band of all time.

I want more event-like releases from Disney +. This was absolutely worth the 8+ hours I committed to it.

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