Benny Loves You (2019)

DailyView: Day 214, Movie 301

This is flippin’ insane.

And I loved every second of it.

Yes, we have seen the crazy killer toy that comes to life and kills everyone, but we have never seen one as insanely funny as Benny Loves You.

Benny Loves You played the hilarity over the horror and what we get is an hour and a half of pure ridiculousness that is a joy to watch.

Jack (Karl Holt) was a loser, who worked as a failed toy designer. When his parents died accidentally on Jack’s 35th birthday, his life took a turn. He attempted to reorganize and renew his life path, which begun by throwing out all of his things from his childhood… including his favorite stuffed bear, Benny.


Benny immediately came to life and begun killing people in Jack’s life who was giving him trouble or that he could care about, all because, as the bear would say, “Benny loves you.” It became a slaughterhouse, leading Jack to try and manage the people Benny killed.

To complicate matters more, Jack began to fall for a co-worker, Dawn (Claire Cartwright), which gave Benny a new target and a new motivation: jealousy.

This was one of the goriest films I have seen in a long time, and every moment filled me with laughter and happiness. It’s not often that you see a stuffed toy present the heart of someone he just murdered to his friend as a present, but that happened here. There were more intestines in this movie than I have ever seen before.

Whereas Chuckie or Annabelle are played for fright and scares, Benny Loves You is a straight up British comedy and works so well as one. The story is simple. We do not spend time trying to discover a deeper meaning behind how this happened (although we do visit another instance where a toy that has been discarded returned to kill this bratty little girl).

The way Benny moves is just hilarious. He sort of bounds back and forth, as you might expect a stuffed bear might do. The character design is fantastic. There is nothing sinister about benny, until there is.

I enjoyed this movie a ton. It made me laugh and grossed me out at the same time, a true feat.

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