Better Watch Out (2016)

DailyView: Day 225, Movie 312

Christmas has never been so nasty.

Horror/thriller has been combined with Christmas several times, but Better Watch Out really takes the cake in uncomfortable situations and anxiety-filled moments.

Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) had been a steady babysitter for 12-year old Luke (Levi Miller) for years, but she was not aware how his feelings for her had changed. So when his parents were out for a Christmas party, Luke was hoping to see what could develop. However, when it appeared that his house was under attack from an invader, Ashley was forced into protecting the boy from the holiday dangers.

And yet, things were not quite what they seemed.

Better Watch Out was excellent. It was dark, funny, jaw dropping and full of surprises, twists and unexpected events that you do not see coming. This movie is gruesome at times, dark and sinister. It takes a turn right around the end of the first act that changed what we thought we were watching.

Olivia DeJonge and Levi Miller are great. Levi Miller is so believable in his outlandish character that he anchors the unlikely plot. DeJonge is lovely and shows that “it” factor that so many of the stars have. She is great in Better Watch Out.

Patrick Warburton and Virginia Madsen played Luke’ s parents, but, honestly, they do little in the film. Luke’s best friend, Garret, is played by Ed Oxenbould and he is a different energy.

The film takes a dark look at the classic Home Alone, which played a strange homage during this plot.

This was a surprisingly excellent movie that I enjoyed tremendously. I wanted a little more resolution to the story at the end, but there is also something oddly satisfying about it.

I found this on Amazon Prime and it was great.

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