The Rite (2011)

DailyView: Day 229, Movie 317

There is a lot of things wrong with The Rite.

Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donaghue) joined the Seminary to get away from his father and his father’s mortuary business, but he was finding a lack of faith or belief in God holding him back. Instead of letting him resign, Father Matthew (Toby Jones) sent Michael to Rome to take a course on learning to be an exorcist. Michael finds his way to one of the most successful exorcist in the world, Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) who is involved in trying to help a young pregnant girl.

There were some interesting moments in the movie. There was some intriguing possibilities with Michaerl and his father (Rutger Hauer), but the exploration of this relationship was inconsistent and underdeveloped.

Colin O’Donaghue, who becomes a star in the TV show Once Upon a Time as Captain Hook, was too laid back the whole film. He did not show any of the charisma he did as Hook. He had a good look, but I just wanted more from the actor.

Anthony Hopkins is always great. He is an amazing performer and gives his best in every movie he appears in.

However, some of the dialogue being tossed around by the “demon” possessing the characters was laughable and, no matter how great an actor you may be, you cannot make some of these lines anything but ridiculous.

Another problem was the film, which had some moments working for it, really came off the tracks heading into the third act. I think the actors in this film deserved much better than what they were given.

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