Hunt for the Abominable Snowman (2011)

DailyView: Day 231, Movie 319

There is such a plethora of these National Geographic documentaries on Disney +. I recently enjoyed one on Atlantis and now, I have found one on one of my favorite “mythical” creatures, the Yeti. I have always been fascinated by the story of the Yeti and its North American cousin, the sasquatch, and this doc looked to be intriguing.

The documentary features explorer Gerry Moffatt as he goes on his “hunt” for the yeti. He heads up Mount Everest to search for the evidence of the yeti. They research footprints, hair samples, sightings as well as the famous “yeti scalp” at Khumjung Monastery in Nepal.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum appeared in the doc. He is a known bigfoot researcher, with several bigfoot books in his arsenal.

The section of the doc with the Yeti scalp is the most interesting part of the story. Unfortunately, it seemed that the evidence found by Gerry Moffatt was less than convincing.

These docs remind me of the old “In Search Of” series narrated by Leonard Nemoy, which helped spur my own fascination with these unknown creatures. It is where a lot of my own creativity has come from and it is neat to see these docs, even if they do not provide anything too satisfying in the realm of answers.

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