Cleopatra (1963)

DailyView: Day 236, Movie 325

As I am working on the year in review section at EYG, I am compiling the list of Best Actresses, which will be given The Liz Award. The Liz has a picture on it that comes from the epic film that I watched today for the DailyView, the 1963 Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor.

This is not a film that you just sit down and watch, though. It is four hours plus in runtime. It is a film that had to be scheduled, planned. Again, because it is over four hours long.

This historical epic followed the rise and eventual death of Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor), through her relationship with Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison), her love with Mark Antony (Richard Burton) and the eventual end at the hands of Octavian (Roddy McDowell).

There were some great moments throughout the long film. My personal favorite moment was showing how Cleopatra came to Rome the first time with this gigantic procession like she was Prince Ali coming into Agrabah in Aladdin. This was a lot of fun.

A lot of tragic events happen and Elizabeth Taylor does an excellent job in the film. She is in control even when she is not. She showed the power of the character and how manipulative she was.

Rex Harrison was fantastic as Julius Caesar. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the role. The whole Ides of March attack is well done and was filled with intensity and fear.

I was happy to watch this epic and I enjoyed it.

One thought on “Cleopatra (1963)

  1. Liz and her violet eyes smoked up any movie she was in. Cleopatra was way before CGI and FX so the sets were real and expensive. I don’t believe Cleo has ever been whiter, or prettier. It was a risqué film for its time.

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