MacGruber (2010)

DailyView: Day 239, Movie 328

There are some comedy movies that I skip because I believe that I am not going to like the humor and then, when I see it, I laugh and find it extremely funny and wonder why I ever doubt it.

And then there is MacGruber.

This was so stupid. I hated it. It was filled with so much stupid immature humor that I may have giggled at once (maybe) and I feel dumber after watching it.

It did not help that I watched this on Peacock and I had to pause for commercials throughout the movie despite having paid for the No Ads.

That aside, this SNL skit was nowhere near effective or funny enough to extend out to 90 minutes. The film was filled with humor that was obnoxious.

It was cool to see former and current WWE superstars Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, The Great Kahli, MVP, Big Show and Kane as MacGruber’s squad that die immediately. Their appearance was a highlight and their death a low light.

Kristen Wiig is decent in the stupid movie. Val Kilmer is here too.

I can’t believe that I wasted my time with this.

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